Splinterlands Join Forces With Arkane Network To Attract Regular Gamers

Splinterlands join forces with arkane network

In Brief:

  • Splinterlands Join Forces with Arkane Network to easily onboard players.
  • Players don’t need to have blockchain experience in order to play.
  • Arkane supports multiple blockchains including non-fungible tokens.

Splinterlands is a well-known blockchain game. For months, it’s been the number one game in terms of users, and with the upcoming land expansion, the gameplay will get a significant upgrade.

The game counts over 100k matches per day, and it has been played over 40M times, dazzling data for a blockchain-based game.

Splinterlands join forces with Arkane Network.

Great news continue to flow from the blockchain-based game Splinterlands. The recent Arkane Network integration positions Splinterlands to the forefront of mainstream adoption as new players can sign-up without any blockchain knowledge and automatically get a crypto address.

Arkane is blockchain-agnostic, exactly like Splinterlands, which makes the particular partnership a great deal for gamers.

A great future Arkane offers is the ability to send Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) via email on Ethereum. Recipients can redeem their NFTs automatically, and it’s stored in the Arkane Wallet. 

“Our main objective at Splinterlands is to be the first blockchain game to reach the mainstream. To do this we believe it’s important that users are able to sign up as if the tool is web 2.0 with just an email account and a password, but recognize the benefits of web 3.0 that blockchain enables like trading and permissions. Arkane is a wonderful addition to the site to facilitate web 2.0 sign up and web 3.0 advantages.”
Dr. Jesse “aggroed” Reich CEO of Splinterlands

Arkane Network recently released a Unity SDK for Matic and Ethereum, allowing developers to easily integrate blockchain-based economy and NFTs. The suite of tools enables every developer to integrate web3 services easily with support for multiple blockchains. Arkane is also working closely with Atari to expand further the Atari ecosystem.

On the other hand, Splinterlands has completed two out of three Land presales within a matter of seconds and minutes, respectively.

I’m excited to see Splinterlands join forces with Arkane Network and eager to see what’s next. Overall, Arkane Network has contributed a lot to the web3 space and it has a lot more to offer in the future.

Its worth to mention that while Splinterlands join forces with Arkane Network to enable regular gamers to play the game, the same can be done with the already established WAX integration. The main difference is that Arkane supports multiple blockchains.

Find the Splinterlands join forces with Arkane Network official announcement here.

Play now Splinterlands or visit Arkane Network.