The Six Dragons is a well designed classic Role Playing Game powered by Enjin Blockchain that you will fall in love with!


Exploration will become a serious task in TSD as it features a huge procedurally generated world of 64km2.


Move between multiple games with your Six Dragons items using a single inventory powered by Enjin Wallet.

About The Six Dragons

The game is a classic RPG that will satisfy even the most hardcore players. Here at we are excited for this particular game just like no other. It seamlessly combines RPG & MMORPG elements found in popular titles and re-invents others in a better way.
The game is not released yet but from what we have seen so far, it's ahead in development.
You can even have AI companions to assist you in Dungeons and check this out, dungeons hide incredible loot in ERC-1155 form and they are more than a billion!

What Can i do in TSD?

Among other things, you will be able to explore the huge open map and get experience as well as prizes when discovering new areas. Moreover, in TSD you will be able to craft using the in-depth crafting system which is the only way to produce the best weapons and armor available in the game. Dungeons, harvesting and mining will have a big impact in the overall game and your performance. TSD will have it's own decentralized marketplace and the assets will be tradeable in various third party websites in the future.

Use scrolls to enchant your armor and weapons. Upgrade your gear and win every battle you encounter!

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Visit The Website

Check out TSD website and get more information about the upcoming Enjin powered game!

A Successful Presale

TSD managed to conduct one of the most successful presales ever in blockchain gaming. The team raised $150,000 and in the first day only they sold items worth $90,000. TSD is definetly the choice of players!

The Six Dragons is featured in various gaming websites as one of the most anticipated blockchain games for 2019. By combining blockchain and RPG, they manage to deliver an outstanding game with endless possibilities for both gameplay and marketplace. As a hybrid game, players will be able to profit from the in-game marketplace by crafting and looting a variety of items.

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