Blockchain Gaming Digest #17

Weekly Blockchain Gaming News

CryptoFights, an upcoming Multiverse game that also runs on BitcoinSV Netowork announced not only the beta release but also an application that will help developers build their own games! See the tweet.

Chibies go A1 Fighters

The new game A1 Fighters from the creator of Chibi Fighters announced utility in the new game for Chibies. Owners of Chibies, the in-game characters of Chibi Fighters will have a new utility in the A1 Game. See the tweet.

How Reewardio is Revolutionizing & Gamifying Rewards With Blockchain, the upcoming blockchain-based rewards platforms aim to revolutionize the industry by providing a gamified reward experience for platforms, social media, and commerce. Check out how you can earn by using their service on multiple websites and stores.

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Are You an FPS Gamer? Check Out Three Games That Rewards You For Every Kill.

Vibe or Die – Multi-Platform FPS Blockchain Game

The game is available to play now in VIBE, NEO, ETH, and BNB cryptocurrencies. Players earn crypto every time they kill an opponent and lose crypto for every time killed. Vibe or Die is hosting a competition with $2,500 USD worth of NEO for winners until November 30th, 2019, at 6:00 AM UTC. To participate you just have to play in NEO or NEOGas game modes and accomplish 25 kills or deaths every day.

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Dissolution Fight Night Event

Are you ready for a 1v1 duel on the Arena where only one wins 2 DFTs as a trophy. The FPS Multiverse blockchain game Dissolution announced the start of Fight Night on Fridays and Saturdays.

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LightNite: Low Poly Battle Royale on Bitcoin

Meet LightNite, a Low Poly Battle Royal Game on Bitcoin Lighting Network. While its not yet available to play, LightNite is definitely a game that you want to keep under your radar. Players earn/loose Bitcoin for every kill/death. Furthermore, the game features in-game items that you can loot from other players and sell them in the marketplace.

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Chain Warriors Marathon With $12,000 in Waves

The Abyss gaming platform is cooperating with Waves platform in order to host a 30-Day marathon for the blockchain game Chain Warriors. Participants will claim a share from the $12,000 prize pool paid in Waves.

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Axie Infinity Raises $1.5 Million in Funding Round!

Great news for the Axie Infinity game as the fundraising led by Animoca Brands raised nearly 1.5 Million USD to continue game development and build blockchain gaming tools.

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DappRadar and B2Expand join forces to promote Light Trail Rush

Beginning on November 15, DappRaddar and B2Expand will launch a special sale with limited-edition skins that can be used not only in the final game but also in the pre-alpha version. The pre-Alpha version of the game is already available on Steam while the main release is expected for June 2020.

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Silica Nexus & Reality Clash Partnership

FPS mobile AR combat game on the Ethereum network Reality Clash is the newest addition in the Silica Nexus Ecosystem.

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Xaya Electrum Wallet BETA for Windows, Linux and ANDROID

The popular Gaming Blockchain XAYA released a beta wallet version for Windows as well as a Linux and Android version! Try them out by holding some XAYA, a great in-game cryptocurrency that will be used across multiple games.

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50,000+ Wallet Addresses on Loom Network

Congratulations to the Loom Network for surpassing one more milestone!

CropBytes Free Trial Pack

CropBytes is giving away to all l players a free trial pack to start the game. The pack features 3D animals and assets that would normally cost a lot of TRX to start playing. 

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Gods Unchained to Host an eSports World Championship Tournament

The prize pool until now is $544,258 and this number is expected to increase significantly. 

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Short Clip of Attack in The Arena of Ether Legends

Ether Legends released a first look of the gameplay showcasing battle and cards.

AlterVerse Disruption Alpha testing

The Multiverse blockchain game AlterVerse Disruption is about to release the Alpha testing stage this month. Take a first look at the gameplay