Blockchain Gaming Digest 21-27 September 2020

Blockchain Gaming Digest

Welcome to another blockchain gaming digest by egamers.

Let’s have a quick look at the most playable games for the past seven days.

  • As always, Splinterlands continues to be in the first place with 7,500 weekly players and a $2,300 trading volume.
  • In the second place, we have Upland, the property collection game on EOS with 6,700 weekly players.
  • The third is LiteBringer, a fully decentralized strategy game on Litecoin that has seen a 148% increase in players, reaching 5,700 weekly players and $834 in transactions.
  • Axie Infinity climbs to fourth place with a 172% increase and 3,600 weekly players. Volume is high, $542,000 after Delphi Digital Invested $159k on some Axie NFTs.
  • The fifth-place belongs to Galaxy Blocks, a game based on the ThunderCore platform with 3,270 weekly players and $151 in volume.

In terms of volume, NiftyMoji, a Moji generation dApp has reached the stunning amount of over $2 Million followed right after by CryptoKitties with $398,000 and SuperRare (Collectibles Marketplace) with $186,000. The list completes with Decentraland and Sorare at $78,500 and $72,000 respectively. Please note NonFungible shows Axie Infinity weekly volume at $54,000. With data from and

Now that you know what are the most playable games, like the previous weeks, here are some of the hottest news in the blockchain gaming industry.

Atari And Ultra Partnership

Through the Atari and Ultra partnership, games and services from the Ultra platform will be available in the upcoming Atari VCS console. Atari aims to expand its ecosystem further by adding new games, communities, and services. Ultra platform also provides solutions to integrate NFT’s and update many of its titles.

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Delphi Digital Invested $159k on Axie Infinity NFT’s

Institutional money has entered the NFT space, starting with Delphi Digital that acquired 5 Axies for 473.5 ETH worth $159k at the time. Simultaneously, several games allow users to earn passive income in both crypto or NFT’s by stacking their Token or even for stacking NFT’s. Defi in blockchain gaming is the next big thing, and virtual economies are booming!

The SandBox Token Sand Got Listed in Various Exchanges

After completing an IEO on Binance, the Sand Token also announced several exchanges the past week, including, Poloniex, UPbit, and WazirX India.

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Massive Update For The Survival Server of MyMetaverse

Minecraft server powered by the Enjin blockchain MyMetaverse released a massive update offering to users jobs for extra money, MobHunting to slay monsters, collect heads and get paid, and many more features.

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The Sandbox Blockchain Gaming Platform Appoints Bertrand Levy

The Sandbox announced the appointment of Bertrand Levy, former Global Vice President of Brand Partnerships at Universal Music. The Sandbox will leverage Mr. Levy’s established network and expertise to unlock value through partnerships with major entertainment brands, celebrities, and artists.

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Animoca Brands to bring MotoGP™ and Star Girl to Flow blockchain

Animoca Brands announced its intentions to bring Star Girl and MotoGP to the Flow blockchain. Star Girl is a lifestyle franchise mobile game with one million monthly active users and MotoGP is the officially licensed game aiming the motorsport fans. Find the press release below or read more about MotoGP and Animoca Brands.

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Rocket League to be The Next Supported Game on IGGalaxy

Rocket League recently moved to free-to-play, and IGGalaxy announced it as the next addition to its platform. IGGalaxy will release Rocket League tournaments with IGG Tokens rewards in early October.

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ChainGames to Launch on Matic Network

Chain Games launched on the Matic network to enable its smart contracts and provide full multiplayer wagering. The Matic Network will power the Chain Token as well.

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Public Pre-Alpha For Nestables

After running a closed pre-alpha for the Nestables Advisory Board, the Multiverse blockchain game Nestables announced that the public pre-alpha will start on the 5th of October. 

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New Paying Options on Splinterlands

TCG blockchain game Splinterlands is constantly adding new payment options to attract a variety of users that use different Cryptocurrencies. This week Splinterlands announced UNI Token by Uniswap.

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Win 50 IQN in The New IQeon Gathers Friends contest

Participation in competition with other participants becomes not only hilarious but also more advantageous. Gather your friends and increase your chances of winning in the new contest from IQeon!

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