Create Physical NFT Products With Uniqly

Create Physical NFT Products With Uniqly

The Enjin platform announced, the newest member of its upcoming scaling solution for non-fungible tokens, Efinity. Everyone will be able to create physical NFT products with Uniqly platform and verify the authenticity of each product. aims to bridge the connection of real-world assets with the tamper-proof technology of NFTs by offering a suite of physical products backed by imprinted authenticity proof.

The NFT industry is vast; Art is selling for Millions by famous artists and everyday users. People are willing to spend money on meme tokens, pixelated images, and pretty much everything that can be tokenized.

The platform will provide future staking services through liquidity pools where stakers will have access to limited-edition NFTs. 

Tokenizing… Everything.

As per our knowledge, Uniqly is the first platform to offer a complete suite of tokenized products, meaning that the company will handle production and shipping, making it ideal for marketers and people who need an All-in-one online solution.

Once Uniqly launches, the platform will support a variety of clothes and accessories. At the same time, users will be able to tokenize existing assets of (almost) any type through Uniqly’s authentication service and create a product-specific authenticity NFT on Efinity.

The First NFT Auction by Uniqly.

Ten thousand randomly generated T-Shirts backed by an authenticity token will go on sale on May 12 at 4:30 p.m CET for whitelisted users and 30 minutes later for everyone else.

The auction-style will increase the price with every purchase. T-Shirts will start from 0.06 ETH ( ~ $243 ), and climb all the way up to 0.4 ETH ( ~ $1.624 ). If you are serious about acquiring Uniqly’s T-Shirts, getting whitelisted is the best option to get the lowest possible price. 

How will Uniqly Marketplace Work?

Everyone will be able to create physical NFT products with Uniqly, including a merchandise collection of 50+ products. Using the platform’s tools, seller and buyers trade in a secure way that proves product authenticity. 

As I wrote in the introduction, the Marketplace can contain physical assets previously owned by users. The platform can review these assets, and owners must ship them to the company’s warehouse secured by an escrow service.

This Marketplace can bring value to the NFT industry as collectors will rush to verify the authenticity of their assets on the blockchain and tap into a new ever-growing industry. 

The $UNIQ Token.

Uniqly has undoubtedly created a buzz around its project. The company has raised funds through private investors and managed to sell $6,6 Million tokens through two public sales within minutes. 

In total, $8.21 $UNIQ tokens have been sold, and distribution takes place in batches as Uniqly doesn’t want presale investors to flood the market.

Merging the physical world with blockchain security is a concept we talked about a lot in the previous years.

Check the Social Mining Hub, which rewards users for spreading the word in $UNIQ tokens.

$UNIQ is available on Uniswap.

The Authenticity Token Concept.

 Create Physical NFT Products With Uniqly
Create Physical NFT Products With Uniqly 29

We have been discussing for years the possibilities of NFTs in the clothing industry. For that reason, we demonstrated in March 2019 the first use-case of Authenticity Tokens using Enjin’s platform. 

Players of the Global Guerillas social game had the opportunity to grab a series of T-shirts backed by authenticity tokens.

Enjin on The Rise.

The upcoming scaling solution, Efinity, is based on Polkadot’s technology rather than the original plans that wanted Efinity on Ethereum.

Enjin can bring more value to the NFT industry by changing the underlying technology, allowing seamless NFT transfers and interoperability between blockchains.

The first part of Enjin’s ecosystem is the recently released JumpNet network. While it’s not available for public access yet, 50 early adopters have already minted over a million tokens.

Enjin is considered the leading platform for NFTs, with innovative ideas under development, the Efinity solution, and partners such as Microsoft already minting NFTs, we are all eager to see what’s next.

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