Lost Relics Pre Alpha Review – Enjin Game

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Lost Relics? The first-ever playable Multiverse game? Lootable Enjin backed in-game items? Dungeon adventures in an action role-playing video game?

Currently, in pre-alpha for PC and MAC, Lost Relics receives frequent updates and Cliff Cawley, the solo developer always adds new content, organize events for the community and much more. Lost Relics is an action role-playing dungeon crawler with NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) powered by the Enjin platform. It’s one of the most interconnected Multiverse games with multiple items playable from different collections.

It’s Easy To Join & That’s Important

Lost Relics takes an easy path when it comes to connecting your Ethereum address with the game. The process is fast (unless you are doing it for the first time) and its a no-brainer, even for gamers unaware of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Basically, what you do is set up your personal inventory which can be used across all Ethereum and Enjin Multiverse Games.

How to play Lost Relics:

  • Create an account on https://lostrelics.io/
  • Download the Enjin Wallet from GooglePlay for Android or the App Store for iOS Devices.
  • Follow the Enjin Wallet instructions and create your Ethereum Wallet if you haven’t done this already. (TAKE THE 12 WORDS A BACKUPTHERE IS NO OTHER WAY TO RETRIEVE IT)
  • Go to the Enjin Wallet, Click “Linked Apps” and enter the unique code located in your Lost Relics account.
  • You have now successfully connected your wallet (Inventory) with Lost Relics and you can receive blockchain-based loot. The same process applies to all Enjin Games.

First Impressions & Some Notes

I was summoned in a boat with a welcome screen suggesting me to visit the tavern. Located in the town center, the tavern offers a room to stay and it’s also the place where character and pet selection take place. An NPC will welcome you with 6,500 Gold Coins (GC) and a starting quest with 100 GC, a sword, and a ring in rewards.

The whole game is controlled with the mouse, which is fine, but sometimes it feels a bit odd, especially when you try to click far away. WASD does not apply here, so when you click on a monster, there is a slight chance to misclick and move your champion instead of attacking.

The recent update brought Gold Coins in the forefront, before that, you had to buy adventure stones from the website using ETH to enter a dungeon, now the game offer ways to earn GC so you don’t have to buy them. This is a great surprise and a move forward to “Play to Earn.”

6,000 GCs are enough to get you the “Discover Pack” which contains 5 Legendary Adventure Stones. You only lose them if you die during a dungeon raid, exit or claim blockchain-based loot.

Lost Relics Gameplay

The gameplay is straightforward, enter dungeons to collect materials and complete quests. Besides materials, dungeons also contain loot that goes straight to your Enjin Wallet. Keep in mind that not all items are on the blockchain.

Choose between Archer, Sorcerer, Warrior, and Knight. In addition, you can own a pet as your in-game companion. Pets have the ability to automatically break wooden boxes during dungeons and find loot.

Every chest in your way is a chance for the rarest artifacts in the universe. Some of the items you loot in the game are backed by ENJ coins, therefore, have a real value. Every time you enter an adventure a different random dungeon is generated. In order to claim your items, you have to take them out of the dungeon. Choose the blue gate to exit a dungeon or step to the red one and continue your adventure. Make sure to open all the chests in your way for a better chance to loot a blockchain item.

When you reach level 9 the “Expert Mode” becomes available with monsters harder to kill and better loot drops.

If you are out of Adventure Stones, get some from the store or try the practice dungeon, you might earn some Adventure Stones.

Keep in mind that you can’t lose items delivered in your Enjin wallet.


Players can buy and sell items in the EnjinX marketplace. You can sell any items located in your Enjin Wallet or use them to proceed with the game. The rarity of the items you earn depends on your level. Artifacts rarities are Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythical, and Transcendent. You can purchase Adventure Stones and other items in the shop.

Enjin Integration

Lost Relics uses the Enjin SDK to implement and manage blockchain assets and its part of the Gaming Multiverse. Multiverse Items are Blockchain assets (ERC-1155 tokens) that can be used across multiple games.

Take a look at this example. You can use as a pet a Cube from Nestables which is another Multiverse game.

Some of the best blockchain games are under development using Enjin’s Technology. Recently, Enjin Platform became available on the Ethereum MainNet and now game developers can integrate NFTs without hassle.

Kriptomat & Reeward.io Items

The Dragon Riders of Kriptomat is a collection of 13 NFTs created by the European regulated exchange Kriptomat.io as a way to gamify the trading experience within their platform. You can play not only Lost Relics but also other Multiverse games with them!

Reewardio, on the other hand, is creating blockchain-based rewards and loyalty platform for individuals and corporations. They teamed up with Lost Relics and seven other blockchain gaming websites to issue a series of stunning art dragons as in-game pets. You can find our own Aurora Dragon or the Multiverse101.com Zard.


Lost Relics is a nice game to play that will keep you occupied for some time, it looks a good deal for casual gamers and the frequent updates give you a reason to return back every once in a while.

The game stands out for its community and loyal players, providing an off-game resource for any fan. We would like to see a chat so players can communicate while playing. The onboarding process is a piece of cake and users can easily follow the steps to connect Enjin Wallet. We really like how Enjin games connect with the blockchain.

We hope you liked our Lost Relics Review. Stay tuned for more updates or continue the discussion on telegram.

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