Join The Forest Knight Presale & Get a Shield of Lorek

forest knight shield of lorek giveaway Limited time offer by the Multiverse Brotherhood and for the next 10 participants of Forest Knight's presale.

Limited time offer by the Multiverse Brotherhood and for the next 10 participants of Forest Knight’s presale.

The Shield of Lorek is the first in-game usable MvB item and the next 10 buyers will receive one in addition to their Forest Knight presale box.

Eligible participants are those who purchase after the order number
#1888 and have fill the participation form.

Forest Knight, a mobile single-player adventure with multiplayer elements such as PVP battles powered by Chrono Games.

Following the same sale model with the rest of the Multiverse games, Forest Knight is selling a chest containing one random in-game item for only $25.

By joining the winter chest sale, you will receive one random item to kick-start your adventures in Chronville and once the game is released, you will receive one more! To recap, with $25 you are receiving a Forest Knight pre-sale chests containing ERC-1155 item backed by ENJ and 1 Shield of Lorek sponsored by the Multiverse Brotherhood &

The game is currently in late development stages. It will initially be released on Android and launched on iOS soon after.

How to open your Forest Knight Chest:

The King of Chronville hired a Goblin to do the honor and open your Chests. You can visit their Discord channel and find out what you got in the chest!

Join The Forest Knight Presale

Complete The Form to Claim Your Shield of Lorek

Don’t try to cheat, we will confirm you have received the order number item if necessary. Order 1888 and before are not eligible. First come first serve. Only 10 will be shared.

The shields will be distributed within the next days. Please allow us some time.

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