Join The Vulcan Building Inspectorate Competition


A new competition is underway, let your creativity thrive and win $PYR rewards!

In Vulcan Forged’s flagship MMORPG Game, VulcanVerse, there is a total of 9916 plots of 20x20m land each owned by the players. On this land, the players build infrastructure in the most creative ways possible. 

From building a modular castle or mansion to digging deep and creating caves and lakes, they do it all. VulcanVerse is very proud of its creative player base and so is Vulcan, who is a generous god that wants to reward the best of the builders. 

The Vulcan Building Inspectorate

The VBI’s are the most creative players with tons of achievements on their My Forge. They’re a small team that rates plots of land. They consist of names that all the people will recognize such as Scotts, Acadian, Lox, etc. The VBI team will select two winners:

The First Winner

The VBI’s use their set of criteria to rate your land and decide if you deserve to be the winner or not. 

What you need to do is share a screenshot of a Video of your plot on the VulcanVerse Discord channel – there is a dedicated hashtag #shareyourbuild. 

The VBI team will review your submitted plots on a biweekly basis and decide which one of them is the best suited to be winners. 

The Second Winner

The second winner will be chosen by members of the VBI team roaming the ‘Verse!

The Reward

If you’ve been selected by the VBI team, YOU WILL BE REWARDED!

The winner will receive $25 worth of $PYR and a stackable My Forge achievement that you can proudly display and flex. The winner will also receive a place on the Builders Leaderboard!

Since the VBI team members are also players like us, they can also participate in the competition. Since they are the members and one of the best builders, they will be excluded from any voting and decision related to their own land.

You can also take part if you’re a Cedalion renting a plot and have the building rights!

VulcanVerse recently received a graphics revamp that made the game even better, land plots can now be upgraded to level 3 and the new roadmap contains some exciting gameplay aspects.

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