This Project is Minting Egypt’s Pyramids as NFTs With Photogrammetry

Virtual Worlds NFT Pyramids

Virtual Worlds – a company that makes 3D digital replicas of historical artifacts – has partnered with Enjin to mint historical places, including Egypt’s ancient pyramids, as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This is a one-of-a-kind project that combines NFTs and important historical sites.

Virtual Worlds will use photogrammetry to create 60K resolution, (!) 3D models that will look almost like real historical places. Enjin will enable Virtual Worlds to integrate these NFTs with games, virtual reality apps, and augmented reality apps. This allows everyone to experience historical sites like the Colosseum or the Temple of Artemis and feel as if they are actually there.

“We’re bringing the world’s most important artifacts and monuments to a new digital ecosystem, preserving them for future generations and making them accessible to the world in ways they’ve never been before. With Enjin behind us, our past global heritage can be shared and live on in our digital future.”

Elliott Mizroch, CEO of Virtual Worlds

When you buy a historical landmark NFT, it will go straight into your blockchain wallet. You have full ownership of your NFT and can trade it on NFT exchanges as well. These NFTs could be moved seamlessly between Ethereum, Efinity, JumpNet, and other blockchain platforms.

Virtual Worlds plans to introduce new features for their NFTs in the future. For example, they are allowing singers to host concerts in a historical place using virtual reality where fans can attend by purchasing NFT tickets.

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The Great Pyramid of Giza – Image Credit: Nina Aldin Thune

About Virtual Worlds

Virtual Worlds is a company with expertise in designing 3D models for historical landmarks. They have been in the industry for more than 20 years and have collaborated with big names in the entertainment sector, including Disney, Netflix, Amazon, Nat Geo, and GoPro.

About Enjin

Enjin is a blockchain gaming platform that enables users to mint NFTs that can be used across different gaming platforms. Enjin NFTs allow players to preserve their game assets on a blockchain. Players can sell or trade their game assets with other players inside or outside the game.

Enjin is considered the leading platform for non-fungible tokens. They recently released Jumpnet, an Ethereum scaling solution with no fees. This year, the Efinity Polkadot parachain will arrive.