Trade The Six Dragons Items on OpenSea

The Six Dragons OpenSea

The Decentralized marketplace Opensea recently announced the support of ERC-1155 tokens and now The Six Dragons items can be traded and actioned by the community.

By cooperating with OpenSea, players have one additional trusted place to buy or sell their in-game assets. Considering that players can win items by playing the game or by crafting their own items, OpenSea looks like a great opportunity to earn a fair profit on the real world by enjoying at the same time a great blockchain game.

The Six Dragons is an upcoming RPG multiverse game in an Open World environment powered by the Enjin Blockchain. Not long ago, the game made a lot of headlines by announcing the Alpha Release as well as the Sold-Out presale with $168,000 in earning, backed by items worth $23,000 in ENJ. As it seems, the first wave is about to enjoy the game soon with the next wave of players to join right after.

TheSixDragons OpenSea ERC1155 Enjin

Celebrating With a Giveaway

The Six Dragons and OpenSea are celebrating by giving away 30 rare in-game unique items. All you need to do is to reply to the tweet below using the hashtag #OpenSeaAddedEnjin and your collectible address. Show some love to the upcoming multiverse game by writing a comment and who knows, maybe you end up with a fully playable and tradable rare in-game asset.

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