Vulcan Forged to Hire C-Level Talents From EA Sports, Blizzard & Riot Games!

C-Level hires from EA Sports, Blizzard and Riot Games to be announced this week!
Vulcan Forged to Hire C-Level Talents From EA Sports, Blizzard & Riot Games!

Following the series A funding round led SkyBridge Capital and AMA, Vulcan Forged pointed out ten things to do in Q4! This week is important to them as they see this as a fresh start and a new chapter in the restructuring and development of Vulcan Forged!

Vulcan Forged created an action team committed to completing these ten milestones before the introduction of the new year. Let’s start with the list Vulcan Forged announced on its Twitter account today!

  1. Finish Current Games: Some unfinished games are Vulcan Assasins and Vulcan Tower Defence.
  2. Announce C-Level hires: The team of Vulcan Forged will soon be filled with C-Level hires from big names in the gaming industry, such as Blizzard, Riot Games, and EA Sports!
  3. Redefine their play-to-earn economy: The team will work on redesigning the play-to-earn aspect of the economy with a focus on play-to-own and play-and-earn, but it being optional at a fee to enter!
  4. MetaScapes Alpha: We were in Zappeion Hall when Vulcan Forged announced the MetaScapes project. A virtual world where mortals create, fight and trade.
  5. Mobile gaming focus.
  6. Migrate to Elysium Blockchain
  7. UX, user retention, and marketing.
  8. ElysiumSwap and Launchpad: Vulcan Forged will work on finishing these two projects!
  9. VulcanVerse Gameplay. 
  10. US expansion: Plans to explore and expand into the United States market.

“Above all, in this bear market, we’ve probably been 10x more active than we were even in the bull, so while you were patient there, be patient now as we refocus and restructure in order to adjust to the huge scope Vulcan Forged now is: a game studio, a L1, an economy, a launchpad and soon a metaverse maker.

Jamie Thomson, CEO of Vulcan Forged