You Can Now Play Splinterlands From Your Smartphone

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The ALPHA version of the Splinterlands Mobile App is now available to download.

After eight months of design and development, the early access is out. Now players can battle from their mobile devices on the go, at any time, in any place. 

Keep in mind that you will experience some bugs while playing. A bug might appear while you are in a battle, so it will affect the outcome. This risk is inevitable in any application at an early stage. For bug reports and feedback, visit this channel in the Splinterlands Discord Server.

How to Access The App

Visit Splinterlands in any mobile browser and log in with your already existing account. It is scheduled for future development to add the application in both the Apple and Google App stores.

Some features of the game such as the shop, events (tournaments), and guilds are not yet available. By entering, you can start trying out the battle system right away and expect the rest features shortly.

PLAY Now Splinterlands

Even more, the App does not currently support signing transactions with the active key. That means that transferring and combining cards or opening packs are not yet available. Also, the new loot chest system is not available. If you claim your quest rewards, you will receive them in your account, but you will not see them displayed in the app. The game will remove the tournament quest temporarily until becoming available for the mobile players as well.

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