Have You Joined The Forest Knight Winter Chest Sale yet?

Forest Knight Winter Chest Sale is live!

2019 is going to be the year of Enjin Coin. With so many upcoming releases for the Multiverse project, crypto gaming will experience a never seen before universe of connected games under the decentralization umbrella.

One of those games is Forest Knight, a mobile single-player adventure with multiplayer elements such as PVP battles powered by Chrono Games.

Following the same sale model with the rest of the Multiverse games, Forest Knight sell chests containing one random in-game item for only $25.

Pre-Sale Chest in Forest Knight Multiverse Game.

The game is currently in late development stages. It will initially be released on Android and launched on iOS soon after.

By joining the winter chest sale, you will receive one random item to kick-start your adventures in Chronville, and once the game is released, you will receive one more! So, with $25 you are receiving 2 Forest Knight pre-sale chests containing ERC-1155 items backed by Enjin Coins

Chests include exclusive skins and weapons that won’t be available again!

The process is very easy, you only have to submit your ETH address, (Enjin Collectible Wallet in our case), and choose a payment method between Credit Card, Paypal, and Coinbase Commerce.

After successfully placing your order, you can head to the Discord community of Forest Knight, and an automated bot will inform you what item your chest contained!

For the record, we received an exclusive skin, the Festive Archer!

Forest Knight Winter Chest Sale

As reported in the Meltelbrot interview with Forest Knight, a Mentorship Program has already started. Every new member can now give a mentor in an extra field in the Forest Knight Founder Token form.

Join others in a quest through this rough terrain. If not sure-footed, others can show you the way! Become a true Knight! You can win a Forest Knight MFT and in-game items! Sign up and keep an eye out for your mentor.

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