ReBounce: Play the New Multiverse Game Now, Plus Another Upcoming Game by Titan Flight Studios

The Multiverse family welcomed two new games today. The first one is ReBounce, which is a fully playable fast-paced arcade-style game available for download in the AppStore while the second one is a competitive e-sports.

Titan Flight Studios, the company behind those two games, will utilize Enjin’s platform to integrate blockchain technology in all their upcoming games.  

The Multiverse project now counts a total of 12 games and expects this number to increase rapidly. Aiming to redefine the gaming standards, Enjin is constantly accepting game-changing projects with an interest in integrating blockchain assets & Enjin backed economy. 

ReBounce is a casual free-to-play fast-paced arcade game for iOS with plans for an Android version shortly. The game will integrate ERC-1155 skins (blockchain assets) using Enjin’s blockchain software development kit, the world’s most popular game development tool for Unity Engine.

The Multiverse game ReBounce launched last month, and it already enjoys a five-star rating from the community. Worth mentioning that this is the first playable Multiverse game and a member of Enjin’s early adopter program. Rebounce is not only the first playable Multiverse game, but it will also be one of the first mobile blockchain-powered games for smartphones in history once they integrate the blockchain technology.

In ReBounce, players get to tap the screen to throw the ball against the wall and catch it after it glows orange to score points. The ball bounces around temporary surrounding walls, which makes the game fun to play.

ReBounce reinvents the classic schoolyard game of Wallball by adding a few interesting mechanics that you will surely never experience beyond the digital realm.

Furthermore, the game will integrate Aeonclipse Key.

In Celebration of the ReBounce release, Titan Flight is offering its Founder’s Token with a total supply of 800 to the first 500 members who join their telegram group. Owners of this Founder’s Token will benefit from on-going rewards like surprise loot, special items, and airdrops straight to the token owners.

“At Titan Flight Studios, we hope to redefine the mobile gaming experience through the power of blockchain,” said Jon Werthen, CEO of Titan Flight Studios. “We believe that the time gamers spend beating levels, defeating opponents, and earning high scores should be recognized and rewarded with real value. Together with Enjin, we can and will make this a reality for gamers across the world.”

Titan Flight also announced a second game to come with Enjin Coin-backed payouts for a competitive stakes gaming experience based on high-velocity esports. The core game loop is designed for fast-paced multiplayer action while it will feature a single-player campaign. Titan Flight sees the potential to gamify items used by competitors by offering them to fans as rewards.

In the upcoming competitive e-sports Multiverse game, players will be able to join events featuring sponsors from world-famous brands. In contrast, rewarding players with Enjin backed assets using the Beam Technology, the world’s most advanced QR airdrop system by Enjin Smart Cryptocurrency Wallet, the home of every blockchain gamer.

Titan Flight is already in closed-door discussions with multinational companies and well-known sports teams across the United States. Their goal is to develop cross-promotional engagement campaigns for the Multiverse e-sports game.

The company will also provide services for boosting customer engagement by offering gamification services to brands. A small list of possible services includes branded games for corporations doing business in the hospitality and retail sectors while offering reward programs, loyalty schemes, and digital merchandise. All the blockchain assets will be ERC-1155 tokens backed by ENJ Coin.

In the same announcement, Titan Flight presented the Titan Token, an ERC-1155 Fungible asset usable as currency across all the games released by the Titan Flight Studio. As an ERC-1155 token, the Titan Token can be integrated into games and apps without hassle while it utilizes Enjin’s ERC-20 adapter to ensure full compatibility with all ERC-20 Wallets and cryptocurrency exchanges. As a result, Titan Token owners will enjoy frictionless liquidity by making their achievements within the Titan Flight ecosystem more valuable.

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