Enjin Beam QR Scanner & Giveaway
Enjin Beam QR Scanner & Giveaway with a few clicks! Thousands of possible use cases arises.

We have highlighted a number of times the importance of mass adoption in Cryptocurrencies. They are meant to change the world, but only if society finds value, and ease of access.

Today, Enjin Coin has released a new feature for the Enjin Smart Wallet, called “Beam” and rightfully, its the first mobile cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to receive cryptocurrencies and blockchain assets by scanning a QR Code.

With this move, Enjin is taking the cryptocurrency sphere a step closer to mass adoption by providing a number of features that wasn’t possible before.

  • Enjin Beam is the world’s first scan-and-receive QR code-based item distribution system for cryptocurrencies and blockchain items.
  • QR code feature to accelerate mass adoption of blockchain technology across all sectors.

Distributors are now able to airdrop blockchain assets directly to their community members or clients by providing a simple QR code which can be scanned using the Enjin Smart Wallet. Items can be distributed either random or fixed, with specific parameters for a tailor-made blockchain items distribution event.

Enjin MFT Founders Token
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Enjin recently presented the Mint Shop, World’s first Mintshop – World’s First On-Demand Minting Service For Blockchain Assets.

Enjin Beam supports both ERC-20 and ERC-1155 tokens.

“We are very excited about the latest QR code feature, as it will bring a new level of accessibility to blockchain items,” said Enjin CEO Maxim Blagov. “Enjin Beam will reduce existing barriers to blockchain technology, enabling any company, association, or group to create QR codes and offer blockchain-based items, such as collectibles and discount vouchers, to their users. This universal feature will boost mass adoption of blockchain technology.”

In celebration of the launch, Enjin Coin is hosting a giveaway for the Enjin Smart Wallet users with 3,674 blockchain assets backed by 146,350 ENJ.

  • Did you know that Enjin Smart Wallet now offers item melting?

The mobile wallet users are able to scan the giveaway QR code and see the available giveaway assets alongside with the odds of winning each one.

Today, receiving blockchain assets has become easier than ever, upon scanning the QR code, the system automatically claims the item and transfers it to the user’s wallet.

In order to ensure that users will receive the specified amount set by the QR code creator, an SMS verification will be needed to prevent double takes.

Beam is a fully functional QR scanner in your Enjin Smart Wallet, users can scan cryptocurrency payments, as well as regular QR Codes.

Enjin Beam QR Code Giveaway Blockchain Games
Scan the QR code to get your reward!

Enjin Beam Use Cases

The first Enjin Beam use case features Altcoin Buzz, a well-known cryptocurrency community, popular for its youtube channel. Altcoin Buzz will collaborate with artists to provide QR Codes for the audience through videos, social media posts and within the Altcoin Buzz community.

In another use case, Beam leads the way in fighting counterfeit products by offering blockchain based certificates of authenticity for their products, delivered with QR Codes. This cool experiment is led by Bronze Bond Studios, an art fashion retailer alongside O’Kill and Swagpie apparel fashion retailers.

Of course, Multiverse reacted instantly to the new feature and the participated game studios have welcomed Enjin Beam with open arms.

The upcoming cross-platform multiverse game 9Lives Arena, which recently comlpeted a succesfull Kickstarter campaign, will deliver the Kickstarter items using Enjin Beam feature.

Lucille Games, the creators of War of Crypto and PokeFind Minecraft server, plans to conduct a giveaway across both communities by providing QR codes.

On the other hand, Cats in Mechs and ForestKnight have also signed on to use Enjin Beam to distribute items and gamify the experience within their Telegram groups.

As an example of Beam usage, companies can use it for marketing purposes by rewarding clients with collectible items, discount coupons and other rewards directly to their wallets. We expect this feature to create use cases among almost all industry sectors that we have never seen before.

QR Codes can be easily used, shared across social media platforms and youtube videos, printed in advertising material and so on. There is always a give away infront of you.

Interested in utilizing this technology? Contact Enjin Team.

Users can also create their very own ERC-1155 blockchain items by submitting an order through the Enjin Mintshop.

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