Multiverse Marketplace is Coming With a Deadly Robot Cats Game

Megaworld Studios Announces Cats in Mechs to Join Enjin Coin-Powered Multiverse.

Within a matter of hours of the Gaming Multiverse announcement, a new blockchain shoot ’em up game has joined the list of Enjin early adopters. Cats in Mechs is officially the seventh Enjin adopter, and it will support the recent Multiverse collaboration.

Cats in Mechs is a shoot ’em up RPG in which you can build cat robots, battle with others for the glory of the swords, level-up your deadly blockchain cats, and craft like a dwarf, along with many other interesting features. The game will be first available for Android and iOS mobile devices and tablets, with a PC version to follow once the mobile versions are stable.

Cats in Mechs
Cats in Mechs Gameplay Scene

Megaworld Studios has expressed their intention to fully support the Gaming Multiverse by developing a Multiverse Marketplace where players will be able to trade ERC-1155 tokens, usable in all Enjin powered Multiverse games.

Ready Player Motorsports

So, if you decide to sell your cat in the Multiverse Marketplace, a player from another game might want to buy it because it represents a similar value in another Multiverse game. For example, your 9 Lives Arena Epic Belt could be an Epic Machine Gun in Cats in Mechs.

“Our aim is to make it incredibly easy for developers to create their games and integrate into Enjin’s Multiverse. Our Multiverse Marketplace will enhance player experience by putting thousands of great choices at their fingertips.”

Megaworld Studios CEO Kyle Garner

By taking advantage of the Multiverse Marketplace, developers can link their items (depending on their value and player preferences) with other games, track in-game analytics, and provide more tailored experiences to please even the most hardcore gamers. The Marketplace’s two-way-cross-promotional system will promote items and games from all participants while providing revenue opportunities to the developers.

Today, seven games have announced their commitment to join the Multiverse: 9Lives ArenaAge of RustWar of CryptoCryptoFightsForest Knight, Bitcoin HODLer— and now Cats in Mechs.

Cats in Mech Model

Each asset sold in the Multiverse Marketplace will maintain a unique identity with a proven history and provenance, making them attractive to blockchain asset collectors and professional players.

The Blockchain SDK by Enjin will integrate with the Multiverse Marketplace, which will also act as a toolkit for the Unity game engine. With placement on the Unity Asset Store’s front page, Enjin’s Blockchain SDK will reach more than 4.5 million developers, entertaining more than 770 million players worldwide.