BGD #131: NFT & Play To Earn News – May 10-16 2021

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Welcome to the BGD #131: NFT & Play To Earn News – May 10-16, 2021. 

This week Alien Worlds continues to be the most played blockchain game with more than 637k players. Upland sits in the second position with more than 70k, and R-Planet follows with almost 38k.

In terms of news, we had a lot again this week. My Crypto Heroes released its coin and thing are evolving over the Japanese side.

Tweet of the week

Axie Infinity has players from all around the world, except one country, “Chad.”

Do you know anyone from Chad country? Talk to him about Axie!

Citizens of Philippines Are Making a Living by Playing Axie Infinity

Players in the Philippines of all ages have found a way to earn a living by playing Axie Infinity. Check out the latest documentary featuring Axie players.

Vulcan Forged News

Play to Earn $100,000: Berserk Season One Has Just Started

The Berserk season 1 is live with a $100,000 in PYR tokens prize pool for the top 100 players based on ELO fights and those with the most wins.

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Vulcan Forged Marketplace Switches to $PYR on Polygon.

The Vulcan Forged marketplace has switched to Polygon Network using the PYR token. 

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Vulcan Game Launchpad: $40k Development Grant For 50 Teams.

Vulcan Forged released the Vulcan Game Launchpad, where fifty teams and companies will have access to support, marketing, and $40,000 in development grant.

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Did You Place Your NFTs on eBay Yet?

In a move that will help the whole section go mainstream, eBay announced the addition of NFTs on their marketplace. Customers will be able to shop digital collectible assets, and trusted sellers who meet eBay’s high standards will be able to sell.

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Create Physical NFT Products With Uniqly is the newest member of the Enjins upcoming scaling solution for NFTs, Efinity. Uniqly platform will allow everyone to create physical NFT products and verify their authenticity.

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XAYA Expands To BSC After Ethereum Launch

After launching WCHI on the Ethereum network a few weeks ago, XAYA is now expanding to the Binance Smart Chain to become available in PancakeSwap and other decentralized exchanges.

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Animoca Brands raises US $88,888,888 based on a valuation of US$1 billion.

The Blockchain Gaming company Animoca Brands is now valued at 1 billion dollars. Animoca has received multiple investments from funds and investors in the cryptocurrency industry.

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Ubisoft Picks Guild of Guardians For The Sixth Entrepreneurs Labs

The upcoming mobile blockchain game Guild of Guardians got selected for the sixth season of Ubisoft’s Entrepreneurs Labs Program. Before the Alpha release, Guild of Guardians has already over 130,000 registered users.

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First Official TOWER Chest Sale Will Launch on May 17, 2021

Animoca Brands hosts a TOWER Chest Sale featuring NFTs based on the popular action game called “Crazy Defense Heroes.” Participants will be able to buy chests that contain three randomly selected Game card NFTs. The sale was initially scheduled for May 12 but postponed to May 17 due to the high gas fees at the time.

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My Neighbor Alice Land Sale Staking is Live

DeFi and NFT game My Neighbor Alice released the staking portal for the sale participants. The Land plots available are NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain, and users can deposit a minimum of 20 ALICE or CHR for 14 days for a chance to be among the winners that will exchange these 20 ALICE for Land plots. The more tokens you stake, the more chances to win.

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Last call to join the MvB Giveaway and earn a clan tag awarded by

CAGYJAN Interview With DCLBlogger

The future of NFTs, Metakey, blockchain gaming, and many more. Check out an interesting interview with Maty held by Cagyjan.

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Kingdom Karnage JumpNet launch

The Enjin based game has completed Jumpnet migration, and now players can enjoy gas-free gaming. 

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