Epic Giveaway Join Now The Dragon Riders of Kriptomat

The Multiverse Regulated Exchange platform Kriptomat is close to the release of the in-exchange reward program “The Dragon Riders of Kriptomat” and the greatest news is that they have started to reward the early supporters already! Powered by Enjin The Dragons Riders of Kriptomat is a gamified experience that will include playable games, collectible, crafting, and …

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Arena Match Giveaway: Claim A GeForce RTX 2070 Graphics Card or Acer 144Hz Gaming Monitor

Arena Match is celebrating the beta launch of their e-spots App and they are giving away a GeForce RTX 2070 Graphics Card or Acer 144Hz Gaming Monitor, it’s up to the winner to choose which one. Join Now The Giveaway With the Arena Match release players, have a fair chance to bet on their own …

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Founders Token Giveaway by Beyond Horizon

Beyond Horizon is an Enjin powered company  running on the Ethereum Network specializing in building mass-market solutions that offer more value to users by natively integrating ERC-1155 Ethereum tokens. To celebrate their launch they are hosting a Giveaway where participants can claim the Beyond Horizon Founders Token called the Dawn. Holders will benefit future discounts …

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Meltelbrot/eGamers GG Giveaway – Winners List!!!

This transmission goes out to all the Global Guerrillas who participated in the most recent Meltelbrot/eGamers giveway – Winners announced 🙂 It was another successful campaign to push forward the Enjin goal of multiverse magnificence, and with over 15,000 shots (entries) blasting away the barrier of the unknown – it was indeed a battle of …

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ENJoker Giveaway! Claim Now The Multiverse Item

ENJjoker is a crypto collectible asset offered by Multiverse Brotherhood and will be usable in 8 Multiverse games until now. There will only ever exist 2,000 copies of it and everyone have a fair chance to claim one by completing some easy social tasks in the Multiverse Brotherhood and Nestables Giveaway. Enter now the competition …

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Blockchain Cuties: Special Giveaway & Land Presale Coming Soon

blockchain cuties

The Blockchain Cuties team doesn’t know how to stop! So many great news coming from their camp and in this article, you will find out 2 unique chances to skyrocket your in-game experience! First things first, there is a giveaway undergoing in collaboration with HitBTC where you can claim one of the twenty “HitBTC Trader …

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Crypto Idle Miner: Hora Token Released & New Content!

Season 1 has arrived and the craving for Hora Tokens is finally satisfied! Crypto Idle Miner is an idle mining game with opportunities to earn real cryptocurrency. Season 0 has been successfully completed has Hora Tokens have been distributed to all who have been part of the leaderboards. Read our Past Review for Crypto Idle …

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Meltelbrot #26 – The secrets of Matterborn, Interview with EnjinBae.

Today I’m chatting with EnjinBae, developer of the project Matterborn, a SCI-FI trading card game, using Enerjie and “Architects” to deplete your opponent’s momentum (health) and is using the Dapp functionality of the Enjin wallet. I first chatted with EnjinBae when I used one of his cool Enjin Fan art pieces for a previous article, …

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CryptoServal Giveaway

Don’t Miss your chance to win a Piranha! Follow the instruction on the tweet below!

CryptoServal is a blockchain collectible game built on the Ethereum network. Players have the true ownership of the in-game animals that they can breed, collect and use them to fight creatures that are called CryptoSeverals.

Form a team of animals and increase your chance to defeat powerful bosses. Bosses spawn in their homeland and can be attacked a limited amount of times per day with a team of 1 – 5 animals. Each animal has its own unique characteristics in the battle so you have to carefully form your team to have a chance against the strongest bosses.

Animals can be spawned from DNA (DNA cards can be acquired during the pre-sale) or you can buy animals from the games marketplace. Each animal grows more powerful from the experience gained in the battle and has the opportunity to become a champion which is way more powerful than other animals.

Furthermore, players that win the auction can get an alpha animal that can be evolved to a powerful boss that earns experience whenever other players attack it. If your boss wins that fight you passively earn rewards such as accessories and some gems. Gems can be used to spawn new animals which players can use them in the game or sell them in the marketplace for Ethereum (ETH).

Make sure you try out CryptoServal today.

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Six Dragons MFT Giveaway

The Six Dragons since it was first presented to the Enjin community became instantly one of the most beloved games we have seen in crypto gaming so far. The upcoming open-world RPG features mindblowing fights, in-depth crafting system, hundreds of items as well as hero classes, AI Companions and more great game elements. Set to …

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