Meltelbrot #23 – Karnage in the Kingdom – Latest Enjin powered presale opens tomorrow!

Today I’m chatting with Nick of Kepithor Studios, who are currently in development of their new trading card based game – Kingdom Karnage. Some of you may have seen these guys around on Telegram, and that’s because they’re a new adopter of the Enjin Blockchain Gaming Solution. They’ve already gifted us with their MFT (Multiverse …

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Enjin Integrates FIO Protocol & Celebrates with a Giveaway!

The leading gaming blockchain Enjin Coin is celebrating the upcoming integration of the FIO Protocol with a playable character in 22 Multiverse Games! The “FIO Express”will be given to all the giveaway participants who completed 12 or more actions. This is a great opportunity to get an in-game item that will allow you to jump …

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Meltelbrot #21 – How will the birth of Multiverse be organised? Patrick Mockridge of Makerverse may have the answer!

As always, we are giving away 10 Meltelbrot & Tokens. This time, Makerverse added 10 extra Cube Spawn Patrons’ tokens so we are giving away 20 tokens in total. Giveaway will take place in Subreddit using the Live Chat Room this Sunday, 21/4 23:00 GMT+2 . Make sure you join us and read …

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Join The Forest Knight Presale & Get a Shield of Lorek

Limited time offer by the Multiverse Brotherhood and for the next 10 participants of Forest Knight’s presale. The Shield of Lorek is the first in-game usable MvB item and the next 10 buyers will receive one in addition to their Forest Knight presale box. Eligible participants are those who purchase after the order number …

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Decentraland Celebrates 3D Builder With a Creative $50,000 Contest

The popular blockchain gaming platform Decentraland which is focusing on building an awesome virtual world owned by the players has released the 3D Builder mode where anyone can build amazing scenes using the available objects and terrains. Don’t forget to Subscribe to our Subreddit! Testing the Decentraland Builder: The builder is easy to use, straightforward …

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Win Major Tom The Multiverse Champion by Changelly & Enjin Coin

The leading gaming blockchain, Enjin Coin in partnership with Changelly exchange have released a new giveaway to celebrate the Changelly version of EnjinX blockchain explorer. All participants who complete more than 10 actions will receive a “Major Tom“. From what we know so far, “Major Tom” will be playable in 22 Multiverse games including but …

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Blankos 5000 SXSW Exclusive Champions Giveaway & an Awesome Trailer Revealed

The upcoming Crypto MMO dancing game Blankos Block Party has revealed a new exciting trailer showcasing some dance moves, graphics and gameplay footage.

The first teaser of Blankos Block Party is considered the most popular crypto game trailer as of today with over 137,000 views and it seems that gamers are eager to play Mythical Game’s under development game.

Excited for the future of Blankos Block Party, we can’t wait to claim our own Blanko and start dancing! A whole different game on the blockchain.

Check it out the most popular crypto game trailer.

Blankos Block Party

Blankos Block Party takes place in a casual multiplayer world styled like a giant block party, that includes a vibrant hub where friends can meet, go on scavenging hunts with pals, take on daily challenges, and eventually take part in global online mini-games and explore into other players’ block parties as well.

  • Players will be able to collect and use all different types of Blanko characters. Thanks to blockchain technology, there will be many varieties of head shapes, unique skins, including rare attributes and styles that spin off into endless combinations where players have real ownership.
  • Players will acquire block assets in various ways that help them build and play with their own Block. Bespoke designs will continuously enter the Blankos world. Once their party is ready, they can invite others to explore and play.
  • At each party, Blankos will interact and evolve their characters, as well as influence a new generation of Blankos they meet along the way.
  • Keep a lookout for your favorite artists or musicians getting involved in creating, trading and mingling with their Blankos too!
  • Each Blanko can be traded or resold at the Marketplace – the goal will be to grow your own impressive and rare collection of interactive toys that can be played in this amazing world!

New Enjin Wallet Update & Massive Ongoing Airdrops by Enjin Coin

Great news again from the Enjin camp which announced a new wallet update along with multiple major giveaways for the Enjin Network users. Enjin was founded back in 2009, since then, they support over 250,000 gaming communities and 20 million users. With the new Enjin wallet update, The gaming frontier aims to distribute hundreds of …

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Meltelbrot #14 – Age of Rust developer Chris LoVerme, looks ahead to GDC, Thermal Implants, and Sunsets on Mars.

Howdy all, I’m again chatting with Chris LoVerme, from SpacePirate, the creators of Age of Rust. It was October since we last caught up and much has happened since. So let’s find out! Thanks again Chris, for your time today. I’ll get straight into it. Can you give us a quick rundown on what’s been …

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Age of Rust & Enjin Celebrates GDC With a Smoke Grenade Giveaway

The popular upcoming Multiverse game Age of Rust is hosting a gleam competition to celebrate this year’s GDC Event. From March 20 to 22, GDC visitors will be able to try out AOR and Enjin’s blockchain game development platform at booth S563. How to Win You need to complete 6 or more actions in the …

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