VulcanDex Lists The Sandbox’s Token $SAND

Vulcan Dex Lists Sandbox's Token $SAND

Vulcan Forged continues to list tokens for it’s gaming decentralized exchange, VulcanDex, with the latest addition being The Sandbox’s token $SAND. Now users can swap using the trading pair $SAND– $PYR.

Listing $SAND comes at no surprise since the two Metaverse giants have collaborated in the past.

Vulcan’s Forged Latest Development Updates 

Today 18/2/22, Vulcan Forged announced a series of updated including Vulcanite rentals and defense skills that prevent other players from foraging resources in the flagship MMORPG, VulcanVerse. The game also received new landmark updates focusing Notus and Hade while a plethora of new ports have been added.

Recently, Elysium RPC went online and Testnet users of the upcoming Metaverse blockchain can now connect using Metamask.

Also, today at 6 pm GMT, mortals can stake their level 2 Lands. You can find the complete guide here.

Learn everything you need regarding VulcanVerse Land Plots and Scholarships.

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About Sandbox

The Sandbox is a metaverse where you can build, create, and monetize using SAND, the primary utility token of the platform.

The platform offers opportunities, and unique adventures, where everyone can benefit by earning or experiencing what Sandbox’s Metaverse offers.

You can create Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and games inside the game itself. You can profit from NFTs by putting them in the Sandbox Marketplace for a price or requiring players to pay an entry fee to play a game you created. Creativity is the key here.

About VulcanDex

VulcanDex is a decentralized exchange for the blockchain gaming industry with cross-chain support.

VulcanDex aims to connect the gaming community under a single umbrella with the PYR token in the middle. VulcanDex is based on Uniswap 2.0, it differentiates itself from the rest of DEXes as users can not trade any token using its contract. The DEX has a list of approved tokens, and that’s all. 

This creates a safe haven for users who won’t be able to trade scam tokens, which is a severe problem in this industry with all that new games coming out. In a nutshell, VulcanDex “vests” all the projects, so you don’t have to.

About VulcanForged

Vulcan Forged is a gaming studio and platform with a full suite of services, including a minting portal, a hot marketplace, and multiple play-to-earn tokens that use a dual token economy, PYR, and LAVA.

Vulcan Forged is the developer of VulcanVerse, the flagship MMORPG of its ecosystem, which is expanding rapidly and offers 10,000 land plots that can be used for scholarships and upgraded to become node validators for the upcoming Metaverse Elysium blockchain.

They recently launched Phalanx, a minting engine for limited edition Phalanx NFTs with over ten clans, each containing about 100 Legendary NFTs out of 10,000 in total. You learn more here.

Don’t forget about the Vulcon2 event that will take place in Athens, Greece, on June 14th, with our CEO George Tsagkarakis being one of the guest speakers there. You can read all about the Vulcan Forged Event in a previous article.

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