BGD #136: NFT & Play To Earn News

Blockchain Gaming Digest

Welcome to another Blockchain Gaming Digest.

Not a lot of news this week. Let’s get to them straight.

Most popular games based on Players the past seven days:

  • Alien Worlds: 328k.
  • Axie Infinity: Over 100k.
  • Upland: 69k.

In terms of volume:

  • Mobox NFT Farmer: 29 Million.
  • Axie Infinity: 22 Million.
  • FOXY Equilibrium: 10 Million

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American Heroes Banner

Check out the unique, never-minted before NFTs of Motel America by American Gods. The ambitiously cinematic Amazon & Starz TV Series that has re-defined fantasy drama.  

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Tweet of the week
BGD #136: NFT & Play To Earn News 30

Sexual Harassment? No thanks.

Some scholarship managers (not affiliated with Sky Mavis) are trying to exploit potential players by asking nudes in exchange for a scholarship.

These kinds of actions do not have a place in the blockchain gaming space. 

Where is your dignity? Scholarship providers should show no tolerance to this kind of managers.

Here at egamers, we have started slowly providing scholarships to our community, some of them come from countries with a devasted economy, and they are really in need. We are happy and excited to be able to help others. Your pleasure should come by helping people, not by exploiting them.

Enjin Listed in Revolut.

The popular Gaming & NFT Platform Enjin has been listed in the Revolut app.

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Lost Relics Big Update

The Enjin based Multiverse game Lost Relics released a major update providing new adventures, more significant rewards in loot drops, a new batch of Monsters, new daily rewards, and more.

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My DeFi Pet Review

My DeFi Pet is a pet breeding and battling game on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and KardiaChain. The game is in its initial stages, so many new features and updates are expected. 

Here is what we know so far.

Impulse: A FPS Game That Earns You A Dollar For Every Kill

Powered by Enjin, Impulse is a skill-based, free to play and play to earn blockchain game that rewards users for every in-game kill.

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Nvidia CEO Says We Are On Cusp Of A Blockchain And NFT-enabled Metaverse

Jensen Huang, the CEO of Nvidia, believes we are on the cusp of the blockchain metaverse as a virtual-reality-based world where people can interact with each other.

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VulcanVerse Beta Coming Soon

VulcanVerse Beta is close to the release as the first MMORPG blockchain game with community-owned land and a decentralized economy.

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Yield Guild Games Leads The Path to Decentralized Gaming Communities

Yield Guild Games has raised $4 million in an investment round to make NFTs accessible for players worldwide who cannot afford their high cost.

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This Project is Minting Egypt’s Pyramids as NFTs With Photogrammetry.

Virtual Worlds, an Enjin adopter, is using Photogrammetry to tokenize landmarks, including Egypt’s Pyramids in 60k Revolution. One of the use-cases will be virtual concerts with NFT tickets.

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Blockchain Game Alliance Adds PhotoMode

Blockchain Game Alliance adds the photo mode as a new member. The photo mode is a Virtual Photography publication that provides a free monthly eMagazine featuring art from the Videogame Photography community.

Riot Racers Drop NFTs on OpenSea

Matic-based car racing blockchain game Riot Racers is dropping an NFT collection of cars and gas stations on OpenSea. 

Venly Now Support Polygon Token Swaps

Multi-blockchain wallet Venly now supports Polygon token swaps. Users can swap Matic for tokens on Polygon, including various tokens from blockchain games like PYR.

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Alien Worlds Giveaway

Alien Worlds is giving away one Promopack, which contains an NFT game card and Trilium.

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Axie Infinity Video Contest

Create your own short video for Axie Infinity and claim over 650 AXS in Prizes.

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