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Space Misfits Update

New Update for Space Misfits is out!

Axie Infinity Sees Parabolic Growth

Axie Infinity is the biggest Dapp in turns of revenue. The game has more than 250,000 active daily players. Axie Infinity recently announced that Team Secret – one of the top esports teams in the world – will be joining the Axie game.

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The Sandbox Reduces The Carbon Imprint of NFTs by 99% & Boosts Afforestation. 

Gaming virtual world The Sandbox moves to Polygon blockchain and reduces the carbon imprint of NFTs by 99%. Polygon provides eco-friendly technological solutions that use 100X less energy than Ethereum.

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Tipply Tank Is The Latest Game To Join The Enjin Platform

Free to play breeding pet game Tipply Tank is the newest addition to the Enjin ecosystem.

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Nestables June Update Is Awesome

Enjin based Multiverse game Nestables released the latest development updates. Did you know that you can play without owning a Founders Token?

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Animoca Brands Raises Another $50M From Coinbase And Samsung

One of the leading blockchain game developers, Animoca Brands, raised a total of $138.8 million in investments.

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Nifty Royale Launches With Chainlink On Mainnet

Nifty Royale announced the creation of NFT battle-royale games on the Ehereum blockchain by using both chainlink Keepers and Chainlink VRF.

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Latest in-Game Stats From Blockchain Cuties

Crafting new items is one of the keys to becoming a successful player in Blockchain Cuties.

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Mirandus Stress Test 

Gala games invited everyone to Stress test the servers of Mirandus game and have a first look of it.

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Beeple Brings His New NFT Platform on Polygon

Popular NFT artist Beeple is launching his own NFT Platform on Polygon.

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YGG Token Sale on SushiSwap

Yield Guild Games released more information about their upcoming token sale on 27 July, 2021.

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Blockchain Game Alliance Announced CoinDogs

CoinDogs is a social game where you breed dogs, personalize, train, and race with them.

Ultra Mainnet is live

Ultra gaming blockchain is now live!

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XCAD Network Alpha Release

The alpha version of the XCAD platform that popular Youtubers like MrBeast invested is live.