Blockchain Gaming Digest 16 / 22 November 2020

maxresdefault 2 Welcome to our Blockchain Gaming Digest 16 / 22 November 2020!

Welcome to our Blockchain Gaming Digest 16 / 22 November 2020!

This week, Upland climbed to first place with more than 9,182 players. The second game is Axie Infinity with 7,579 while Splinterlands follows with 7,435.

Blankos Block Party: First Impressions From Private Beta

The highly anticipated Blankos Block Party private beta is out for pc devices! Founder’s packs are still available for purchases and come with a guaranteed priority Beta Access and permanent Founders status. Also, users can reserve an account and wait for invites as Mythical Games invites more players to its free-to-play game.

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Axie Infinity integrated Chainlink’s decentralized price feeds and plans to use the Chainlink Verifiable Randomness Function (VRF) to guarantee random elements for Axies, starting with Axie Origin Coins (AOC).

Also, Axie Infinity has raised $860,000 in a private token sale round recently.

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Enjin to Launch Enterprise Tokenization Solutions With Alex Solomon as Executive Director

The Enterprise Tokenization Solutions will allow the creation of token-based projects through the use of Blueprints, asset minting, and other services.

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Starting at the end of the first season, Ether Legends will integrate the Chainlink VRF to distribute random and fair in-game NFT prizes. 

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Binance Smart Chain Partners With Arkane Network

Binance Smart Chain Partners With Arkane Network to empower game creators, attract mainstream users, and assist gaming studios to build innovative games on Binance’s scalable blockchain.

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Synergy of Serra Joins Matic’s Build-n-Earn Program

Build-n-Earn program allows developers to create quality products on Matic and benefit from the recurring cash flow during the development stage. Synergy of Serra offers 5x Transcendent Set Crates & 10x Base Set Crates to everyone who contributes any amount above $1.

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Dark Country Cultists Sale And Early Alpha

Dark Country Launches Cultists Sale Prior Early Alpha
Blockchain Gaming Digest 16 / 22 November 2020 29

After hosting a Cultists Card presale and unpacking event the Dark Country Early Tickets Alpha version of the game is out. Everyone with at least one early access ticket can try the game now.

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Lost Relics Now Integrates The EnjinX Marketplace

As one of the first to use the Enjin’s Marketplace API, Lost Relics now integrates Enjin X into their website allowing anyone to browse, buy, and sell items on the Enjin blockchain.

CHAIN O Card Game by Chain Games

Chain Games to release a UNO style card game called CHAIN O in December 2020. Users will be able to play with their friends on desktop and mobile devices to win crypto rewards.

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A Labyrinth in The Sandbox

Did you know that you can already create worlds and experiences in The Sandbox Metaverse using the game editor? Check out our Labyrinth mini-game and feel free to try it yourself.

Get up to 70% cashback from commissions and bonus IQN in the new IQeon & EXMO contest!

PVP gaming platform IQeon is hosting an event with a prize pool of 900 IQN and 70% cashback from the transaction fees.

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