Meet EnjinX – The Google of Blockchain

EnjinX blockchain explorer by Enjin Coin for Ethereum network
EnjinX blockchain explorer by Enjin Coin for Ethereum network

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The leading gaming cryptocurrency Enjin Coin launched today the world’s fastest blockchain explorer, EnjinX.

EnjinX is a next-generation ad-free blockchain explorer designed to make Ethereum data more accessible to mainstream markets.

EnjinX can be described as the Google of blockchain because of the intuitive way to search for transactions, tokens, in-game items and addresses. The interface is well-designed and optimized for daily users.

With the new EnjinX, which is also featured on Product Hunt, traders, hodlers and gamers can enjoy real-time data for internal and pending transactions.

Users will enjoy a world-class service without any annoying advertisements, instead of ads, Enjin team will generate revenue by offering robust developer APIs and blockchain integration tools to developers.

enjinx instant transaction results
Transaction on EnjinX Blockchain Explorer

The recently introduced blockchain explorer will offer address labels, making browsing and searching a piece of cake. It’s easier to search for a wallet when you know the name of it, rather than searching all over for it.

To begin with, EnjinX will offer real-time data for the top 200 ERC-20 tokens and within the next months, the platform will be upgraded to support ERC-720 and the innovative token standard ERC-1155 presented this summer by Enjin coin. In other words, EnjinX will be the home of every blockchain gamer as it will be become the world’s first and best choice to view and track crypto gaming items, collectibles, digital art or even blockchain-based books.

In the future, the Enjin team also intend to launch full support for BTC, LTC, and DOGE along with a powerful REST API that delivers live blockchain data to apps, websites, and smart devices. 

Furthermore, the new “Google search of blockchain” is optimized for smartphone devices and offers numerous themes to choose from. Localization is always important and Enjin seems to know this, with over 20 languages to choose from, language won’t be an issue here.

enjinx coins list
Tokens Listing on EnjinX Blockchain Explorer

Enjin leading the way

Without a doubt, Enjin is leading the way in crypto gaming by offering more than someone could possibly ask.

Let’s take a look what Enjin Coin achieved the last 6 months.

  • The EnjinWallet became not only the safest wallet to use but also the world’s favorite.
  • ERC-1155 was introduced and now its the best token standard to issue almost everything.
  • Mintshop presented where ordinary people like me and you can issue their own tokens without any coding knowledge and back the with ENJ coins.
  • Multiverse, the most ambitious gaming co-op where players can own an item in multiple games is already counting 27 games and more are on track.
  • Enjin got listed in Bitfinex, Bittrex, Upbit and other major cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Presented the Enjin Beam, World’s best method to conduct crypto airdrops and QR scanner.
  • Teamed up with Bidali, now users can purchase Gift Cards with ENJ and merchants can also accept ENJ payments through the Bidali payment gateway.

In addition Unity, the world’s most popular game engine announced plans to integrate Enjin’s Blockchain SDK. (Software Development Kit) The adoption of Enjin’s SDK will provide all the necessary tools to integrate blockchain technology to 4.5 million developers without the need of previous blockchain experience. Game studios and independent developers can focus on their game while easily integrating a decentralized economy and offer true ownership items by using the ERC-1155 standard.

Check out the Enjin’s Coin Roadmap and learn more.

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