Vulcan Forged Video Contest with 100,000$ Prize Pool

Vulcan Forged video contest Dekaron M is a PC MMORPG that was first released in 2004 and published by Nexon. Now, the game is being rebranded as Dekaron G as they plan to bring blockchain features into the game. 

Vulcan Forged is hosting a video competition with 100,000$ in PYR tokens to be shared among the participants! This contest comes with double benefits as video creators will get noticed since Vulcan Forged is an evergrowing ecosystem of play-to-earn games and metaverses with rapidly increasing exposure.

If you have an account on traditional social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, or Youtube, this competition suits you perfectly. Even if you are not a content creator, you can easily make an exciting video and have the opportunity to win something out of the 100,000$. After all, everyone can get recognized with an appealing and intelligent video.

The competition will award winners with $PYR, the primary cryptocurrency of the Vulcan Forged ecosystem.

You are allowed to participate in all categories, and have as many entries as you like. 


  • Best overall video + runner-up.
  • Best explainer video for Vulcan Forged + runner-up.
  • Best explainer video for VulcanVerse + runner-up.
  • Best explainer video for Berserk + runner-up.
  • Most entertaining video + runner-up.
  • Best Tik tok video + runner-up.
  • Best Instagram video + runner-up.
  • Best collaboration award + runner-up.
  • Video creator newcomer award + runner-up.
  • Best Streamer award + runner-up.

The rules of the competition are:

  • Submissions must be posted inside the #video-competition Discord channel and your social channels by the 30th of November (subject to extension). You can join Discord by clicking here.
  • Post the category you chose (not required)
  • With many entries, you can win different competitions, but judges will decide if it is fair.
  • Prizes may change at any time also categories might be removed or be added.
  • Collaborations are, of course, allowed. They even have a category for best collab video.
  • NSFW videos are not allowed. Posting a family-friendly video might win you some bonus prizes, as Vulkan games are open for all age categories.
  • If you post your entry on Discord. Include the link to your entry. This can be anything you want. Maybe you want to submit the high-quality version using dropbox, for example. Include the links to your social media posts. These are part of your total submission and will also be judged.

Winners will be decided by nonparticipating moderators, staff, and selected community members.

You can apply to become a judge using this form.

In other news, Vulcan Forged recently announced the creation of Elysium, an EVM compatible blockchain targeted for all the upcoming Metaverses. The new blockchain is expected to launch in Q1 2020 with minimal fees and fast transaction speeds.

Yesterday, Jeff Wootton, Lead Guitarist of Gorillaz, shared that he is working on new music for the flagship game, VulcanVerse.

To find more information for your video, we have some great articles about the Vulcan Forged ecosystem.

To experience the Vulcan Forged ecosystem, you can sign-up here using our link, Play some free games and get a bonus for registering.