BDG #183: Gaming News and a $ex-to-Earn startup!

Blockchain Gaming Digest

What’s up, eGamers, it’s time for the weekly Blockchain Gaming Digest. Every week, we share some of the most important NFT gaming news and other interesting facts.

  • This week we learned about some new upcoming projects and also reviewed some play-to-earn games!
  • Is sex-to-earn gonna become the next big thing? SEXN is a sex-to-earn startup that’s claiming to pay people in crypto as they have sex. 
  • Farsite Alpha launch was delayed for July 7 as they plan to include an important feature before the release. 
  • Nestables Public Alpha is set to launch on June 18, with no buy-to-play restrictions!

Let’s start with the most popular games this week based on on-chain data. (7 Days)

Five Of The Hottest Play-To-Earn Games To Watch In 2022

Five Of The Hottest Play-To-Earn Games To Watch In 2022
BDG #183: Gaming News and a $ex-to-Earn startup! 32

One of the most exciting use cases for blockchain technology is gaming, where it has enabled the nascent concept of “play-to-earn” NFT-based games where players can complete challenges and battle opponents and earn cryptocurrency as a reward for doing so. 

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Silks Game Review – Horse Racing Metaverse

Silks Game Review - The Silks Horse Racing Metaverse
BDG #183: Gaming News and a $ex-to-Earn startup! 33

We reviewed the upcoming Play-to-Earn, Horse Racing Game, Silks!

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Cyball NFT Football Game to Launch on Solana

BDG #183: Gaming News and a $ex-to-Earn startup! 34

Cyball is a football-themed title where players can collect the players as NFTs and form a team to play against other teams in the game. 

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Spells of Genesis Review

Spells of Genesis Review
BDG #183: Gaming News and a $ex-to-Earn startup! 35

We reviewed Spells of Genesis (SoG), the first mobile blockchain game ever created.

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Metapolis – The Upcoming Zilliqa Metaverse

We talked about “Metapolis,” an upcoming metaverse powered by a leading L1 blockchain, Zilliqa!

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