Top 10 BSC Games To Play in 2023

Today we explore the TOP 10 BSC Games to play in 2023 and earn Crypto and NFTs.

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is getting a lot of attention in the world of blockchain technology and decentralization. 

When it comes to blockchain gaming, Binance Smart Chain is home to some of the most played and active play-to-earn games in the space. It is popular because of its rare network congestion events and relatively lower transaction fees. (less than $0.50)

When we look at the network’s activity, we notice an uptick in traffic that’s brought by P2E games on the chain. The chain’s rising activity clearly reflects that BSC games are booming, and the upcoming games have huge potential to gain exposure on this state-of-the-art blockchain network.

This article will briefly review the Top 10 BSC Games you need to play in 2023 to make money in crypto.

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The Bornless

Play The Bornless

The Bornless is an FPS Battle-Royale game with AAA graphics where eight players (forming teams of two), along with a demon Orobas, are thrown into action, where they fight for survival. The match ends when the last team is left standing. 

Developed by Cathedral Studios, The Bornless is powered by the Incense token ($INS), which you can earn by winning matches, selling UGC, tournaments, trading in-game assets, raids, etc. 

The Bornless has decided to go forward with the Free-to-Play (F2P) model and an option for you to buy a Season Pass. The game is currently in Beta Access, and the final game will be released later on Windows and Oculus (VR). The game gas received investments from BlackPool, Rarible, Community Gaming, Vulcan Forged, EnjinStarter, and many more.


Play Metarun.

Metarun is a Subway Surfers-inspired mobile runner game where you play as an NFT Metarunner and participate in PvE and PvP matches. 

Developed by the Metarun team, Metarun uses a dual-token economy with $MRUN and $OPAL tokens. While $OPAL is pegged with the USD in a 1:270 ratio, $MRUN is the in-game token that you can earn by having a rare character, skins, and a higher win rate. You can also lease your NFTs to other players for a fee of $MRUN.

Metarun is free-to-play but also offers NFTs to amplify your earning potential. The game is available to play on iOS and Android devices. When it comes to partnerships and backers, Metarun has received investments from AU21 Capital, Magnus Capital, ZBS Capital, VB Ventures, Moon Starter, AC Capital, and many more.

Wanaka Farm

Play Wanaka Farm.

Wanaka Farm is an NFT-based farming game where you can take the role of a happy farmer and breed pets, cultivate lands, grow crops, and much more on your virtual land. The Wanaka universe consists of many of these unique customized farms.

Developed by the Wanaka Farm team, Wanaka Farm used a dual-toke economy having the $WAI token and $WANA token that you can earn by completing community missions, in-game quests, staking, being an outstanding player, and contributing to the game in the initiation events.

Wanaka Farm is not free-to-play, as you’ll need to buy NFTs in order to get started. The game is available to play on PC, Web, Android, and iOS, with plans to expand to AR and VR platforms in the near future. Wanaka Farm has received investments from Lauventures, MoonWhale Ventures, TK Ventures, Black Ventures, and many more.

Heroes & Empires

Play Heroes & Empire.

Heroes & Empires is an Idle RPG strategy game where you will collect NFT heroes and improve their abilities, increase power, and participate in PvP/PvE battles. Each hero is unique and has unique equipment that’s also an NFT.

Developed by Imba Games and CryptoViet Labs on the Unity platform, Heroes & Empires is powered by the $HE token that you can earn by completing daily and weekly quests, winning in Arena, and selling NFT heroes. You can also sell kits and gear to make some side profits.

Heroes & Empires is not free-to-play, as you’ll need to buy at least one hero to play the game. Buy five heroes, as you’ll need to go through five chapters to start earning. 

Heroes & Empires is available to play on Web, Android, and iOS devices. The game has received investments from Crypto Viet Labs, DOS Ventures, 3 Basic Capital, TK Ventures, Infinity Capital, and many more.


Play Ninneko.

Ninneko is a role-playing game that combines a breeding system and Idle RPG gameplay where you can spend your time raising Ninja cats called Ninneko. You can use Ninneko’s to fight in PvE and PvP battles to progress and win big rewards.

Developed by a team of 30 developers, some of which developed Kungfu Feet, Ninneko uses a dual-token economy featuring $MATA and $NINO tokens. NINO is the governance token, while MATA is the in-game currency that you can earn by winning matches, staking NFTs, breeding, and completing various in-game activities.

Ninneko is free-to-play and is available to play on Web, PC, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. The game has received investments from Shima Capital, Funverse Capital, AV Star Capital, and many more.

Step Hero

Play Step Hero.

Step Hero is a lucrative fantasy-themed gaming ecosystem that’s home to an NFT marketplace, Heroes Farming, and the Step Hero RPG game, which you can play and make profits as you progress.

Developed by the Step Hero team led by Garbriel Vu, Step Hero uses a dual-token economy featuring $STEP and $HERO tokens. You can earn these by winning PvP/PvE battles, staking NFTs, and completing in-game missions.

Even though the Step Hero RPG is not free-to-play, there will be some free-to-play games in the Step Hero ecosystem. The game is, and the metaverse can be accessed via your web browser – you need to connect your MetaMask or another wallet to start playing. Some games will have support for Android devices as well.

The Step Hero ecosystem has received investments from AU21 Capital, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, Kyros Ventures, 1010 Capital,  HG Ventures, and many more.

Metawarz Shooter

Play Metawarz Shooter.

Metawarz Shooter is a blockchain-based FPS game that offers a unique gaming experience, such as logging your achievements on the blockchain and an immersive 3D world built with Unreal Engine 5.

Developed by the Metawarz team, Metawarz Shooter will use a dual-token economy with $LEGION being the governance token and $WARZ as the in-game currency. You can earn these by participating in DAO governance, staking, accomplishing missions, and weekly scoreboard rewards.

Metawarz Shooter is free-to-play and will be available to play on Windows and Mac by 2023. The game has received investments from, DeBank, CronaSwap, MMF, The Cronicle, and Annex.

The Rebel Punk NFTs are the key to the Metawarz gaming ecosystem. Currently, you can mint them on the game’s website and hope to make some good profits out of it. (Not financial advice, do your own research)


Play Arsenal.

Arsenal is a Counter Strike-like First Person Shooter game where each in-game asset is an NFT. You can play weekly and monthly tournaments on this fast-paced shooter and win rewards in crypto.

Developed by Fabwelt, Arsenal is powered by the $WELT token that you can earn by creating and maintaining killstreaks, winning matches, headshots, and much more. You can also pay small gas fees to enter a tournament and win big. You can melee your enemy and get more creative while killing your enemy to earn more points.

Arsenal is not free-to-play, as you’ll need to stake 1000 WELT to begin playing the game. You can play the game on WebGL, Windows, and Mac, while the game will also be available on iOS and Android devices. (by 2023)

Arsenal is developed by a well-known blockchain gaming studio Fabwelt and has received investments from Shima Capital, Chainlink Labs, IQ Protocol, EFUN, Arcade Network, StartFi, and many more.

Thetan Arena

Play Thetan Arena.

Thetan Arena is an esports MOBA battle royale game with a retro touch where you can use your fighting, strategic, and teamwork skills to win the game and earn rewards. 

Developed by the popular Vietnamese game developer Wolffun, Thetan Arena is powered by a dual-token economy featuring $THC and $THG tokens. You can earn these by winning matches, trading Heroes, achieving the most kills in a match, and many more. You can win premium Heroes as well, which increases your earning potential.

Thetan Arena is free-to-play and is available to download on PC, iOS, and Android devices. The game has received investments from Animoca Brands, Community Gaming, AU21 Capital, Formless Capital, Kyros Ventures, CoinMarketCap, K300 Ventures, and many more.


Play Cornucopias.

Cornucopias is an immersive metaverse and build-to-earn MMORPG where you can own land and other properties to create passive income. You can hunt, go on an adventure, create, build, and learn in virtual spaces called Zones.

Developed by the Cornucopias Games Studio, Cornucopias is powered by the $COPI token, which you can earn by staking NFTs, hosting your own games in the metaverse, building and selling your items as NFTs, learn-to-earn, and many more.

Cornucopias is free-to-play and is available to play on PC, Mobile Devices, Consoles, and even Smart TVs. The final version of the game will be released in Q4 of 2022. Cornucopias is developed by the talented team of the Cornucopias Games Studio and has received investments from Lovelace World, GeroWallet, VyFinance, Cardano Chats, Dragon Defender, and Grow Your Stake.

Final Words

With close to $12 billion in assets stored in its most successful DeFi protocols, BSC has secured its position as the third most popular DeFi ecosystem. The number is set to grow as we see more crypto adaption in the future.

The BSC chain is home to some of the most popular crypto games – some of them might not show promising numbers regarding profits or Unique Active Wallet (UAW); the next bull run will bring a flock of players to these games. So, if you manage to get into these games, you can make a lot of money when the markets recover.

The Top 10 BSC games we’ve reviewed in this article have proved to be showing propitious results. However, some of these games are yet to be released. Such kinds of games, if you become an early player, can make you handsome profits when they get released.