Weekly Blockchain Gaming News #12

Weekly Blockchain Gaming News

Welcome to another weekly digest by egamers.io.

As time goes by, more and more games are gearing up for release, with some triple-A titles expected to bring masses of gamers in the blockchain gaming industry.

The eGamers.io team will be at the CGC Conference in Ukraine, 10-11 October, if you are attending, make sure you say hi!


Enjin Marketplace is Live!

Once again, Enjin is pushing further for mainstream adoption as the high anticipated Enjin marketplace launched earlier this week. Now blockchain gamers have a “safe house” in order to buy and sell ERC-1155 assets through peer to peer trading without having to rely on any third party.

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900,000 Splinterlands Beta Packs Sold Out!

Yesterday there were a few packs remaining from the beta sale of the popular TCG crypto game Splinterlands. Now there is none left! The game managed to sell out all of its 300,000 alpha and 900,000 beta packs, grossing over 2 million USD in card sales. It is worth to mention that these cards will never be produced again and the only way to acquire them later is by other players in the marketplace.

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RHOVIT to Launch The Rbit Shop

The Reward-based content platform RHOVIT developed a digital collectible assets marketplace that is about to launch later this month. Rbit shop aims to become the perfect place for games to host sales and for peer to peer trading between players. As a matter of fact, the marketplace has already made some strategic cooperations with popular crypto games such as Age of Rust and Ether Legends.

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Dive Into The Multiverse With Meltelbrot.

If you are a blockchain gamer with a high interest in the Enjin’s Multiverse games then you already know that Meltoid is the man that always keeps you up to date. Through his very interesting interviews and in-depth analysis for each game separate, Meltoid always provides high-quality content about Multiverse games. During this week you can find two brand new interviews: 

Meltelbrot #39 – Gecko Multiverse – A ‘gecko on the wall’ view of the Enjin Ecosystem.

Meltelbrot #40 – Sam’s big giveaway October 20!!! Help out where you can:) Spirit Clash sneak peek inside.


Enjin MFT’s Will Lock November First

Enjin had to make a tough decision about locking the Founders Tokens or let them free for trading forever. What a better way than a poll asking the holders opinion. With 55% in favor of yes, users voted for the Enjin’s MFT to lock in the Enjin Wallets and never be available for trading again. After all, that is the true meaning of being a founder and not a guy that happened to buy the MFT somewhere down the road.

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Gaming on TRON Blockchain

One thing we know for sure is that TRON is dominating in the Crypto Gambling space. But what about gaming? Find out all about the upcoming SDK as well as the sidechains in our latest article.


Crypto Fights Beta is Coming This December

Crypto Fights is a PVP crypto game and part of the Enjin’s Multiverse connected games announced that Beta is coming this December. Crypto Fights is in development for over a year and it will utilize Bitcoin SV along with Enjin blockchain.

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Forest Knight Early Access

One more Multiverse game is about to release its early access later this year. With a great story trailer, Forest Knight introduces itself to the masses for one more time.

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eGamers.io & CryptoWars Second Tournament Has Successfully Finished

150 DAI in prizes are going to be distributed to winners later this week. If you haven’t played yet don’t forget to subscribe to Crypto Wars (here) and discover more play to earn tournaments every week.


Chain Warriors-Browser Based MMORPG

Chain Warriors is a new MMORPG crypto game available on the Abyss Platform. The game is browser-based, meaning that you don’t actually have to download it and it’s free to play with more features to be added in the near future.  The Abyss is a platform based on the Ethereum Network featuring its own coin as well as an upcoming marketplace with the WAX blockchain implementation.

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Hash Rush Second Planet Presentation

The popular RTS game Hash Rush has presented the second planet that is going to be available later this years to the players. Hash Rush is one of the oldest blockchain games that here, at egamers.io always make time to play! If you haven’t already, visit the Hash Rush website and try the game!